The Development Vision and Strategy Model
It's necessary to create road map with deadlines based on this 6-months plan
Interactive marketing system
The system is helpful for attracting new clients with luxurious design. Interactive technologies make sales more efficient. In most cases, customers who order interactive projects also want get animation and exterior still images.
Quality improvement

One to One Hundred with the right artistic vision and advanced technical skills will improve quality and service even better than now. This will be achieved by creating animation movies with cinema production and interactive tours.

The last stage is the sale of products. Creating landing web pages. Constantly updating the portfolio and social networks.
Interactive marketing system
For an average studio apartment needs about 120 hours for creating animation and an interactive tour in Unreal Engine without DataSmith
Optimisation and unwrapping - 72 hours
In most cases optimisation and unwrapping take a lot of time. Partly can be used DataSmith to speed up the process.
Learning - 17 hours
For one simple interior are enough about 17 hours to show and teach the whole process
Materials - 15 hours
UE has different way for creating shaders, therefore first time this process may seem difficult but once all types of shaders are done any material can be made
Blueprinting - 10 hours
It’s boring for an artist to create blueprints, ideally to have a programmer who will create everything related to coding and packing projects
Animation - 6 hours
This is the very last stage. Creating animation is more artistic process than technical. It's necessary to make right composition of shots and right camera moving.
Time for workflow
Integration Pipeline
Need to pick few guys who want to learn Unreal Engine. Required 3-4 weeks to make couple of interiors
Building the system
Need 2-3 weeks with selected guys to show them a process for building a big location and 2-3 months for modelling, optimisation, lighting and everything about the creation of content.
The creation of new system with one programmer will take about 1-3 months. Need to make an interactive touch display for presenting projects from UE
Official information from Epic Games
This is statistics from Epic Games which shows the
popularity of the engine
Increasing interests in VR technology
In the last few years Unreal Engine has
attracted attention and now the engine has already become mainstream for interactive in archvis
Quality improvement
It is necessary to combine my and the studio experience by creating the best quality animation of static pictures by introducing new tools and techniques
New tools
GPU engines are future for CG
Nowadays Fstorm is the best choice for architectural visualisation. This tool provides fast rendering with physical correct result
For instance -
Videocards can be used for Unreal Engine as well. CPU limitations restrict the realistic result and increase time for rendering. A few powerful videocads are able to replace a medium render farm, but with better quality
Fstorm is even cheaper than Corona and 4 times cheaper than VrayNext (which rough) and at the same time the render engine has the same artistic approach as Corona

I have direct contact with the developer of Fstorm (Andrew Kozlov). Any new requested features can be embody for us as soon as possible

I have a lot of good architectural models which can be visualised and used for the studio's portfolio, you can see a few of them here on the background

To keep high quality and to improve skills we need to constantly research technology and design

We have to create some good design and try to do the best quality as much as possible
use the power of remote workers
Many of tasks can be delegated to freelancers. In my school I pick best students for work. The tasks can be from modeling to whole projects with our managing. That allows to unload the studio during deadlines and save money
Examples of work with our freelancers
These examples were made by our students with our guidance.
Here you can see the work process from first draft to final result with our mark ups.
It is important to find new customers with new products. Need some promotion and advertising for rich that faster
Promotion the technology
New type of products can help find new clients with next level projects. Here are 3 main pillars to present new tools for real estate market
Additional offer
Offer current client 50% discount from animation and interactive tour in Unreal Engine
Realise new products
Offer new professional tools before Christmas with new projects and 30% discount
Going to Australia
Offer all of tools to new clients in another country
Path of marketing
Create landing pages
Share new offers and describe advantages on a few separate web pages
Set up ads
Tune ads to new markets primarily in Australia to get started take projects from the country
Make promotion
Make newsletters to studio's customers about new products and with some examples of finished projects, like interactive and animation from Unreal Engine
Give discount
Give current and new customers 50% discount to interactive tours and animation (need to create a few projects with UE) and 30% as Christmas promotion (we'll have at that time something what we can to show). For additional units give 50-70% each, because of same furniture and materials
Required workstation

3 necessary constituents

These workstations help to develop new technology
It is still important to have a powerful CPU. Even some operations with GPU plugin for UE use partially a core to calculate some light effects.

For fast and best result with UE and classical GPU render engine need to use the most powerful videocard.
For instance 2080TI, 3080TI (estimated release date 10-11.2020), Titan RTX 24GB or even Quadro RTX8000

For fast work need to use SSD as many as possible because UE uses a lot of memory for projects. RAM is used as well and it needs about 128Gb

Team cooperation and efficiency
To collect references locally can be used Pureref, while
for collaboration and fast sharing tasks is useful Miro (both of them are free). For big projects like aerial animation in UE will be right to separate tasks between a few people
For tracking every project and process with them have to have one system for all, for instance Basecamp or similar system. I highly recommend to read a book "REMOTE: Office Not Required"
You can to choose any professional wherever he lives and use his experience. Sometimes good freelancers have even bigger motivation than office workers. Freelancers have be replaceable. And also they can start to work from small rising salary